Cars on order

You've searched the world and you can't find the car you're looking for? 

Whether it's a simple bespoke city car, a limited production supercar or a classic once in a lifetimeOur team has the resources, knowledge and skills to help you with your car purchase.

We offer a complete consultancy and car import service, which helps you at every stage: from choosing the vehicle to its legalisation and registration in Portugal. 

We start by helping you find the perfect car.

We carry out research with our partners in the national and international market to present the best options according to your preferences and needs.

We check the history and origin of the car, if it is free of claims, charges or encumbrances and the mechanical and aesthetic condition.

After having assured the previous steps, we verify the availability and conditions of transportation of the vehicle in a safe vehicle carrier, costs and expenses of legalization and registration in Portugal, general mechanical and aesthetical revision, if necessary, and we deliver the vehicle to your home, ready to use, enjoy or save for a future generation. 

This service is quoted in advance and, if an agreement is reached between the parties, we undertake to provide a guarantee and after-sales assistance. 

We recommend automotive consultancy if:

  • Looking for a new car unavailable for immediate delivery.
  • You are looking for significant savings, relative to the domestic market, on your second-hand car
  • You want a rare or unique car, according to your parameters


Class & Speed Auto provides this service free of up-front costs to the client out of good faith in the people who come to us. 

If you don't really want to buy a car with us, please don't take up our team's time. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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