Welcome to our space in the city of Porto!

Rua de Augusto Lessa N 145

Paranhos, Porto


Monday - Friday

09:00h - 19:00h


10:00h - 19:00h

Sundays, Holidays and overtime with previous booking


Class & Speed Auto was founded by a father and son, Carlos Silva and Rafael Silva, with a mutual passion for people, cars and business.

As a member of the Porto World Group, it officially opened to the public on Friday 30 July 2021.
However, Class & Speed was born two years earlier, in 2019, on a Saturday afternoon.

Rafael had recently resigned from his position as a Sales Representative at a sports and classic dealership after witnessing professional misconduct with several of his customers by the then management, having seen how NOT to work, do business and treat customers.

Rafael and Carlos Silva, an experienced and adventurous businessman, president and founder of the Porto World Group, who has always been passionate about cars, wrote the first business plan for a different kind of dealership.
A business based not on high profits, but on lasting, real and honest relationships with its clients and friends, always striving for the best service, attention and quality!

By far the most challenging step was finding and building the right space for Class & Speed, our automotive detailing space and workshop was meticulously built and personally prepared with our clients' needs and wishes in mind.
We have built a brand and a company that conveys our values and the level of professionalism we seek, an online presence that is modern, convenient and above all true.

Plus, customer support that will make you feel like you're having a coffee with your best friend, ready to help you with anything you need, rather than an endless cycle of bureaucracy and automated questions designed to make customer service undesirable by the customer themselves.

After two years of research, learning, building and establishing connections and partnerships with trusted companies and experts, a professional team with over 65 years of collective experience in the automotive world was created.

The Porto World Group operates on 4 continents and its team has over 15 different nationalities and we speak a total of 9 languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Vietnamese and Mandarin. 
For most people, a car is just a piece of metal, wires and glass. As car enthusiasts, we understand the possible connections you can have with a car. 

After all, our car is our companion that takes us to and from our daily lives, it takes us on trips across the country with the children in the back asking incessantly "Are we there yet?", it makes us feel real excitement, cheer and joy. It is, for most people, their first opportunity in a space that they can call their own and do with as they please.

When you're feeling overwhelmed with life, or you're happy and want to relax after a long week, there's nothing better to do than fill up the tank and take a scenic drive on a winding road to clear your clear mind, as the torque from each corner falls upon you. As each gear change rumbles your spirit, steering wheel firmly in hand, listening to a beautiful symphony of fuel, fire and iron that makes you sink into another world.

Where there is nothing but a body gliding through space and time, where it lets itself become one with the heap of metal, wires and glass.

Class & Speed was, is and always will be a family business made with love and a provider of experiences, solutions and fun!