What is it?

Detail car or Car Detailing is a process of complete vehicle care and maintenance aimed at preserving its appearance, functioning and value. 

In addition to washing, it includes internal cleaning, paint protection, leather and fabric treatment, corrosion protection and other tasks. 

The aim is to leave your car in a condition as close as possible to new, increasing its durability and attractiveness. O Car Detailing is done using products, equipment and specialised labour.


A normal car wash is just a superficial cleaning of the car, while the detailed wash service is a manual wash, where a professional foam shampoo and special gloves are used on the exterior to thoroughly clean contaminants and impurities from the paintwork.

We apply high quality wax or sealants to protect the paintwork and make it shine. 


Inside, the carpets are cleaned, stains are removed, the dashboard, console, steering wheel, seats and boot are cleaned using a brush and specialised plastic moisturising products and the engine is also cleaned.

Restoration of opticians

The optics restoration service consists of a 2 stage polishing of the optics, removing scratches and yellowing, not only restoring their shine but also increasing your safety on the road as the road lighting becomes clearer, in the final stage a sealant is applied to protect them from the elements.

Paint polishing

Is your paintwork not what it used to be? Don't rush to the painter, polishing restores shine and colour by removing impurities, stains, scratches and minor paint damage, leaving the surface smooth and shiny. 

This service requires machinery, products and, mainly, specialised technicians such as ours. It is a more accessible solution and preserves your car's original paintwork.

Dent remover